Here We Go!

Questions and applications started rolling in mere hours after we put them up on the website and sent them out to our vendor mailing list. So, first of all, thank you to each of you for your enthusiasm - it was truly humbling to get such a great response so quickly.

We’ve now started reviewing applications and confirming vendors. We’re trying to keep a good balance of vendors, so that there’s a little bit for everyone attending - regardless of their preferred fibre craft - so, we’re reviewing applications in batches. Subsidy applications will be reviewed at the end of the application window, so that everyone who wants to apply has a chance to do so before the funds are alotted. If you’re interested in vending, we’ve added an extra 2000 square feet to the main ballroom we originally booked, so there a fair number of spaces left again. Submit your applications soon, though, if you want to ensure your best chance to get a spot, or to get a booth of your preferred size (double booths and 9’ x 9’ booths seem to be in highest demand).

We’re thrilled to be able to showcase local Alberta and BC artisans, especially those from the local area, but it’s also exciting to see applications roll in from Saskatchewan and the Territories as well. As Northerners, we tend to buy yarn online - sight unseen and skein unsquished - so it will be such a treat for our local people to be able to see and squish yarn and fibre in person, from so many diverse vendors both near and far.

If you would like to be involved in the event in some other way, please let us know. Whether you’re interested in billeting a vendor, providing a door prize, or volunteering on the day of the event, we’ve got lots of ways for local people to get involved and make this event a success for vendors, attendees, teachers and volunteers alike!