How it all started

We’ve gone to several fibre fests over the years, but this fall was the first time we took part in a fibre fest as vendors. It was a blast, and we were lamenting that there was nothing similar closer to our area.

Then, last weekend, a friend came into the shop, and we were talking about the fibre fest, and I made an off the cuff, joking remark about starting one here in Dawson Creek. Then, we started seriously considering it, and about 3 hours later, already had several pages of notes and ideas.

Last week was a whirlwind of research, phone calls and emails. From planning dates and finding venues, to talking to established fibre fest organizers, to pitching the idea and confirming our first few vendors, the metaphorical ball got rolling very quickly!

We’re now just waiting on a few key details from our venue in order to fill in the last blanks on our vendor information packet and application, and we’ve got a webpage, email address, and social media accounts. Wheeee!

You can find us here, on the website, but also in all the following locations:

Since we also run the Faking Sanity shop in Dawson Creek (and the Faking Sanity group on Ravelry and Facebook, as well as the Faking Sanity podcast), you’ll see lots of Fibre Fest news in those places, too.