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It’s getting so close! Thanks to those of you who have registered for knitting and spinning classes so far - we hope learning new skills will help make the day even better for you!

If you’re wondering how you can help, we’d love to get posters out in other communities where people are close enough to drive, but haven’t necessarily heard about the fibre fest yet. You can download and print our poster here to share in your community. If you’re interested in talking about the fibre fest with media outlets such as your local paper or radio or cable station, you can download and print or email our press release here.

We’d also love for you to join our Peace Fibre Fest make-along (#pffmal) if you haven’t already Help us share the excitement about our vendors by making any item using yarn, fibre, or a pattern from one of this year’s vendors, and be entered into a random draw to win a prize. Bring your finished item to the Fibre Fest, and sign our PFFMAL book at the Faking Sanity booth to get an extra entry into the prize draw. You can share your works in progress on our Ravelry group here, or share on social media using the #pffmal hashtag.

See you in 3 weeks!

Class registrations!

If you’ve been eyeing one of the classes on offer for this year’s Fibre Fest, the registration form is now up here. We’re keeping it simple for this year, so for the classes that do have a fee, it can be paid by cash, Visa or MC at the front desk of the Peace Fibre Fest on the day of the event. Remember to check what materials you need to bring (if any) to get the most out of your class, as well as whether there is any homework to do beforehand.

See you in 33 days!

Just over a month away!

Things are getting exciting here in Dawson Creek! With just over a month until the Fibre Fest, we’re moving into a heavier media and promotional phase right now. Stay tuned for a special contest coming up next week to win a Peace Fibre Fest gift card!

Also, a knitter from Calgary is planning on coming up, and has offered a ride share, so if you’re in the Calgary area, and are thinking of coming to the Fibre Fest. give us a call at Faking Sanity or use the contact us form on the website, and we’ll get you connected!

And demos, too!

We’ve added a few more classes and demos to the day’s activities at the Fibre Fest. Whether you’re wanting an in depth 2 hour class about gauge and fit, or a free 10 minute demo about chain plying, keep checking in on the classes page for new options that might be of interest. Classes and demos are a great way to expand your skills, especially if there are classes or demos that aren’t offered in your area.

We have classes!

Our first 2 instructors have confirmed their classes! Check out the new “Classes” tab on the main navigation bar for details. So far, we have a beginner spinning class and a knitting class all about gauge, swatch and fit, and there are a couple more in the works. We’re hoping to add a few more, as well as a few demos in the next few weeks, and we’ll be adding a registration link for those that require pre-registration. Why not pick up a new skill when you come?

class in session.jpg

Yarny Stocking Stuffers!

For me, the anticipation for an event starts long before the event itself, which means that I’m already stalking the shops of our vendors to plan out my purchases next April at the Fibre Fest.

Pretty yarn on paper can become pretty yarn in person!

Pretty yarn on paper can become pretty yarn in person!

If you’re the same, or know someone else who is, a stocking stuffer to a Fibre Fest is just about the perfect gift! The Peace Fibre Fest now has gift cards available in both $10 and $25 denominations, which can be picked up from now until December 22nd at Faking Sanity if you would like one in time for Christmas.

We're Full!

It’s going to be awesome!

It’s going to be awesome!

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who applied! Applications for vendors are now closed, as we’ve filled all the spots for our first year, and we’re thrilled about every single one!

Check out the vendors tab over the coming weeks - we’ll be highlighting one of our vendors every few days, so that you all can see why we’re so excited! We’re starting out todaywith one of our local vendors, and then we’ll tell you a bit about all those travelling here for the event.

Here We Go!

Questions and applications started rolling in mere hours after we put them up on the website and sent them out to our vendor mailing list. So, first of all, thank you to each of you for your enthusiasm - it was truly humbling to get such a great response so quickly.

We’ve now started reviewing applications and confirming vendors. We’re trying to keep a good balance of vendors, so that there’s a little bit for everyone attending - regardless of their preferred fibre craft - so, we’re reviewing applications in batches. Subsidy applications will be reviewed at the end of the application window, so that everyone who wants to apply has a chance to do so before the funds are alotted. If you’re interested in vending, we’ve added an extra 2000 square feet to the main ballroom we originally booked, so there a fair number of spaces left again. Submit your applications soon, though, if you want to ensure your best chance to get a spot, or to get a booth of your preferred size (double booths and 9’ x 9’ booths seem to be in highest demand).

We’re thrilled to be able to showcase local Alberta and BC artisans, especially those from the local area, but it’s also exciting to see applications roll in from Saskatchewan and the Territories as well. As Northerners, we tend to buy yarn online - sight unseen and skein unsquished - so it will be such a treat for our local people to be able to see and squish yarn and fibre in person, from so many diverse vendors both near and far.

If you would like to be involved in the event in some other way, please let us know. Whether you’re interested in billeting a vendor, providing a door prize, or volunteering on the day of the event, we’ve got lots of ways for local people to get involved and make this event a success for vendors, attendees, teachers and volunteers alike!

How it all started

We’ve gone to several fibre fests over the years, but this fall was the first time we took part in a fibre fest as vendors. It was a blast, and we were lamenting that there was nothing similar closer to our area.

Then, last weekend, a friend came into the shop, and we were talking about the fibre fest, and I made an off the cuff, joking remark about starting one here in Dawson Creek. Then, we started seriously considering it, and about 3 hours later, already had several pages of notes and ideas.

Last week was a whirlwind of research, phone calls and emails. From planning dates and finding venues, to talking to established fibre fest organizers, to pitching the idea and confirming our first few vendors, the metaphorical ball got rolling very quickly!

We’re now just waiting on a few key details from our venue in order to fill in the last blanks on our vendor information packet and application, and we’ve got a webpage, email address, and social media accounts. Wheeee!

You can find us here, on the website, but also in all the following locations:

Since we also run the Faking Sanity shop in Dawson Creek (and the Faking Sanity group on Ravelry and Facebook, as well as the Faking Sanity podcast), you’ll see lots of Fibre Fest news in those places, too.